Indian Business Visa

Indian Business Visa
  • – Visas are currently required of Canadians for all travel to India. India uses a jurisdictional system under which individuals applying for visas in Canada must apply to the Indian Mission office responsible for the area in which they live.
  • – Note that all Indian applications are submitted through an intermediary organization appointed by the Indian government.
  • – Important information relating to the Montreal submitting office: If you reside in Quebec with the postal code H,J or K,you will need to choose Ottawa as your Indian mission for the online form. For all other postal codes within Quebec, you will need to choose Toronto as your Indian Mission for the online form.  

Submission Office location – Your Location:

  • – Ottawa if you live in Ottawa-Gatineau area. And FOR POSTAL CODES H.J & K
  • – Toronto if you reside in Quebec (EXCEPT FOR POSTAL CODES H.J & K) , Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.
  • – Vancouver if you reside in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon and the North West Territories.

General Information: The Indian Consulates in Canada will process visas for most non-Canadians. However, for Business visa applications, the non-Canadian applicant must be able to demonstrate residency in Canada for a minimum of 2 years and the processing time will be longer.

  • Indian visas are valid from the date of issue. Valid visas can be transferred to a new passport provided they are not canceled.

Invitation letters and business letters must both state the length of visa required. The length of visa requested on the application form should be stated in months not years (12 months).

  • ***Business letters must be original – copies are not acceptable.***



Business visa

  • PASSPORT OR OTHER TRAVEL DOCUMENT-The passport must be valid with a minimum of 190 days validity at the time of submission at the Consulate. It must have 2 completely blank pages (not including pages 1-5). It should be signed on page 3 and be in good condition.
  • PHOTOGRAPH -This should be a recent, passport style photo (front facing head and shoulders). The photo must be clear, well defined and have been taken against a plain white or plain, light coloured background. It should be 51mm x 51mm (2″ x 2″) and should be attached to the form where indicated.
  • APPLICATION FORM – The application form must be completed ONLINE; handwritten forms will be rejected by the Consulate. Please check that you selected the correct jurisdiction; the form must be signed in TWO places. The signatures must be ORIGINAL and signed in BLACK or BLUE ink and must fit completely into the designated areas because they are scanned into a computer. All questions MUST be answered, if not applicable please enter N/A. Questions relating to passport information must EXACTLY match the information on the passport.
  • ORIGINAL BUSINESS LETTER-Letter from employer in Canada, on company letterhead introducing the company and the applicant, indicating the applicant’s employment position, probable duration of stay in India, the places and firms in India to be visited and a detailed outline of purpose of travel. The letter should also indicate the validity of the business visa requested (6 months or 1 Year, etc). The company must state that they will take full financial and medical responsibility for the traveller.
  • INVITATION LETTER-From the company or sponsor in India on company letterhead including contact details of the inviter, relationship to the applicant, indicating the nature of applicant’s business, the purpose of travel, probable duration of stay, the places and firms in India to be visited. The letter should stipulate the type and validity of visa applied for (6 months or 1 year business visa etc.) and include the full name of the person being invited and his/her designation in the company.
  • PROOF OF ADDRESS – Please include a photocopy of your utility bill as proof of address.
  • BUSINESS INFORMATION SHEET – Please complete and sign. Additional information required for business visas to be submitted along with your visa application.
  • BUSINESS VISA CHECKLIST – Please see below.
  • ITINERARY-Copy of itinerary on a Travel Agents company letterhead should include the name of the applicant.
  • PHOTOCOPY OF THE INFORMATION PAGES OF THE PASSPORT -A  single photocopy of pages 2 & 3 of a Canadian passport.

India_Business Information sheet


All above listed documents need to be shipped to the following address:

First Stop Visa Services Ltd.

78 George St. (Byward Market)

Suite 204

Ottawa, ON

K1N 5W1

Telephone: 1 800 256 1651

Visa Fees:

  • India High Commission + BLS International Services Fee:
    • 6 months – 1 year Multiple visa – 195.40 + Courier to/from BLS
  • More than 1 Year – Up to 5 Years Multiple – 394.40 + Courier to/from BLS
    • First Stop Visa Fee – $90

Processing Time: 7-10 business days